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I have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions to provid answers about the home buying and selling process to get you started in understanding this complicated process.

I encourage you to contact me directly so that I can provide you with customized counsel.   I help home buyers get to YES!  Let me help you get to YES too.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Q: Do I need be pre-approved for a mortgage before I start looking to buy a house?

A: It is helpful to have a pre-approval.  It lets the seller know that your intentions to buy are sincere and that you have the ability to buy a home.   If you and another buyer make an offer, the buyer with a pre-approval will probably be a more attractive offer.

It is also useful to obtain per-approval so that you know how much you can comfortable spend on a house.


Q: How do I begin to locate houses for sales?

A: Hire a REALTOR®.  They are professionals who have access to all of the information about houses that are for sale across the community.


Q: How much does it cost to hire a REALTOR®?

A: As the buyer, you will pay nothing for the services of a REALTOR®.  A REALTOR® is paid a commission (ranging from 3.5 to 7  percent) on the sale of the house which is collected from the SELLER of the house.


Q: What is involved in making an offer on a home?

A: There are several items that could be included in your offer to buy a house.  In addition to providing the price you are willing to pay for the property, you might also ask the seller repair certain features of the house, to pay for  your closing costs, to sell the house to you by  a given date, to name just a few of the conditions of your offer.  You will probably want to include some contingency language that will enable you to back out of the deal should your home inspection reveal serious structural issues or if you can’t secure mortgage financing.  Be prepared for the seller to counter offer.

Buying a home is a complicated transaction that can involve quite a bit of negotiation.  This is why it is important to hire a REALTOR®.  They can serve as your advocate and help mediate for your interests.


Q: Do I have to pay for a Home Inspection?

A: While you do not hire a Home Inspector to evaluate the quality of the foundations of the house you want to buy, it is good idea to do it.  Why? Because you are about to buy the most expensive asset that you will ever own.  It is best to know upfront what the hidden “issues” that a house may have so that you can decide you can live with them.

If the issue identified is significant enough, you can ask the seller to fix the problem or pay you so you can fix it.   You may discover some problems that you can live with but that will need your attention (and your money) eventually, to repair.


Q: What is a HOA?

A: HOA stands for Home Owners Association.  This group includes representatives from your new neighborhood who make sure that it is maintained and the character of the place is preserved.  Everyone who lives in the neighborhood is required to become members of the association and to pay annual dues.   These funds are generally used to pay for public services such landscaping, snow removal and, if present, recreational facilities, like a playground or swimming pool.

It is critical to pay this fee, as the HOA will place a lien against your property should you fail to stay current.   Your REALTOR® will be able to tell you the cost of this fee so that you can determine if you can afford this mandated expense.


Q: Are utility expenses included in the cost of monthly housing payment?

A: No!  The utilities – gas, electric, water, trash removal, and telecommunication – are separate from your mortgage payment (Which will include the Principle, Interest, (Home) Insurance and Taxes – PITI).  Your REALTOR® should be able to tell you the average monthly costs you can expect to pay.


Q: Aside from the down payment, closing costs, what other expenses might I have to pay when I purchase a house?

A: In addition to paying for the Home Inspection, you will need to establish your utilities and these may require that you pay a hook up fee.  You will need to pay in part or in full for your homeowners insurance premium.  Unless you have very little furniture, you will probably want to purchase a moving company to move you in.   Appliances and furniture can be difficult to move.  Leave it to the experts to move it. And while you may be excited about purchasing all of the new furniture, there may be other more immediate things you will need to buy first – like an appliance, or a lawn mower and other yard tools.


Q: How much will it cost me to sell my house?

A: Typically, it will cost between 5 and 7% the value of your home to pay for the REALTOR(S)®who will help you sell and your buyer buy your home.

In addition to this expense, you may be asked by the buyer to make or pay for repairs to home that were identified in the home repair market.  It may be worth it you to have your own Home Inspection of your home so that you can identify those things you need to have fixed in order to offer your home at a price you desire.  Further, you will then have your own, independent assessment of the condition of your home.


Q: Why do I want to hire a REALTOR® to sell my home?

A: Good question.  First, a REALTOR® will be able to evaluate your home and help you prepare it for sale.  This professional will also be able to help you determine an asking price that will be competitive in the market place.

A REALTOR® has access to other REALTORS® who are looking for houses for their buyers.  Further, part of the REALTORS® services include promoting your property in the market.  They can host open houses and show your home to interest buyers.  They can help to negotiate with interested buyers the purchase agreements and final sale, sparing you the emotional conversation you would have to conduct with a stranger concerning your family homestead.


JANIS BRADLEY, Broker/Owner, 1979-present
Phone: 317-590-7348

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