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Welcome to the Home and Finance Show!

We are your hosts, Janis Bradley, Owner and Broker of JB Real Estate Consultants and Diana Rice-Wilkerson, Mortgage Specialist

Hopefully, there are those of you who are listening to your show for the first time and we are grateful for those loyal listeners who continue to follow us. You notice I said your show instead of our show. This show is for you!!!

Home and Finance is designed to educate our listeners regarding the process of purchasing, building, selling or refinancing a home. We try to provide straight talk about what’s involved in each of these situations and everything in between. We try to share with you the most update information that will help you make good decisions and keep you the loop.  We realize this show is God’s gift as a ministry to us. Therefore, please know that you are going to get our best.

That said, if you are in the market to refinance, buy, build or sell a home and you have not chosen a Realtor or Lender to represent you, Diana, and I would certainly ask that you consider us. Our services are free and our commitment is to you.

As you also know when we bring guest on the show, you are getting the best of the best in their profession. Their willingness to share with you their expertise is also a ministry.

You may reach Diana at # 317-402-5555 for lending information and you may call Janis at # 317-261-3551 for any Real Estate Consultant’s Needs.

Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns that you may have or we also welcome any suggestions or topics you would like us to discuss.

Rice-Wilkerson_small100x100DIANA RICE-WILKERSON
Loan Officer
Phone: 317-402-5555
Phone: 317-261-3551
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Janis Bradley, Broker/Owner, JB Real Estate Consultants


Diana Rice-Wilkerson, Loan Originator, Fairway Mortage