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Janis-PortraitForMessagePageJANIS BRADLEY, Broker/Owner, 1979-present
Phone: 317-261-3551

  • Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors
  • Indiana Association of Realtors
  • National Association of Realtors
  • Independent Real Estate Brokers Association
  • Consumer Certified Real Estate Consultant
  • Indianapolis Insight Neighborhood Housing Community
  • Co-host of Home & Finance Radio Show 1310AM

Welcome to the “AMERICAN DREAM”

Owning your own home is still the “American Dream”.

Some people consider view their home as a savings account.  With each mortgage payment, they are growing a nest egg.  This nest egg is an asset that can appreciate in value over time.  Additionally, owning your home allows you to deduct mortgage interest and property taxes from your federal income tax obligations.

But the number one reason why people chose to buy a home is pride of ownership.  One of my buyers said it felt so good to have your own door.

In broadcasting our show weekly and in offering to the public this useful website, it is Diana’s and my hope to share important information about the home buying, owning and selling processes with folks who are interested in living the best homeownership experience possible.

As a certified REALTOR®, I want to make sure that you have all the facts about making the biggest purchase of your life.  Most important:   REALTORS® are professional real estate agents who are governed by a set of Code of Ethics that have been in place for over 100 years. These codes ensure that the home buying or selling consumer is treated professionally and ethically in all transaction-related matters.

A REALTOR® has access to all homes that are for sale in the neighborhoods and know immediately when a new home comes on the market – before a sign is even placed in the yard! A REALTOR® can share information about a home that you wouldn’t otherwise know, like the monthly utility bills, the property tax bill, the Homes Owner’s Association fees and ALL of the school opportunities in the area.  A REALTOR ®can go beyond the aesthetics and tell you important details about homes you’re considering.   And once you have found your dream home, your Realtors® will help you navigate complex legal documents to craft an attractive offer that makes sense for you.

If you are selling your property, you will want to hire a REALTOR® because they know the local housing market, have access to the freshest sale data, and can price your house in line with the market to maximize your earnings.  They also will market your home to other REALTORS® who have customers ready to buy.

A REALTOR® is your advocate and knows how to lead you to the closing table. I hope you will contact me directly so that I can provide you with customized counsel.   Let me help you get to the closing table.

JANIS BRADLEY, Broker/Owner, 1979-present
Phone: 317-261-3551

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Janis Bradley, Broker/Owner, JB Real Estate Consultants


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