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If you are reading this, then you are most likely in the market for a mortgage loan to either buy, build or refinance.  As your loan officer, I will navigate you through these very murky waters which at times may feel like quicksand, but don’t panic.  Together, we will get through it.

To set the stage…. are you reluctant to go to a new doctor because of all of the forms and questions about you, your family, your health condition, your allergies, your aches, your pains…….where you have to “tell it all”? Well, I am here to tell you that a doctor’s examination is a piece a cake when compared to getting a mortgage. But again, I say, don’t panic!!  Just like the doctor, your lender needs to know a great deal about you because, after all, 30 years qualifies as a long term relationship.

SM-DownPaymentAssistWhen you decide to purchase or refinance a mortgage, your entire employment and financial history will be examined under a microscope by numerous people – most whom you will never meet.  You will be asked to supply evidence of income, your 2 most recent checking and savings account statements, records of your assets and debts as well as your tax returns and authorization to have us pull your credit record (not score).  And after you supplied all of these very personal materials, you may be asked to supply even more information.  Remember this is a 30 year relationship.

If this sounds overwhelming — buying a mortgage – it is because it is.  But here is the truth.  Everyone in the mortgage buying process undergoes the same intense review.  No one is spared.  No One.

Now for the good news!!!  As an experienced, highly qualified mortgage loan originator, I am totally committed to helping you understand and prepare for this process, before you even start.  I can help to identify areas that you may need to address BEFORE you officially apply.  My counsel to you may seem “tough” but I will always be giving you the plain, honest truth to make the approval process go as smoothly as possible.

Once we’ve gotten the green light to proceed, I will help you identify useful, money saving tools, such as grants and down payment assistance as well as identify safe, quality  mortgage programs with a competitive rate that fit YOUR needs and circumstances. Once the loan application is submitted, I will advocate on your behalf to make certain the “Underwriters” understand your situation so that they will stamp “Approved” on your application.

I have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions and have provided answers about the mortgage buying process to get you started.  But I encourage you to contact me directly so that I can provide you with customized counsel.   I have helped thousands of home buyers get “Approved”.  I would be honored to help you get “Approved” too.


Rice-Wilkerson_11TDIANA RICE-WILKERSON, Loan Officer
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