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We are Janis Bradley, Owner and Broker of JB Real Estate Consultants and Diana Rice-Wilkerson, Mortgage Specialist. We believe that everyone who desires to own a home deserves access to competitively priced, highest quality products in the marketplace for which they can afford. Afterall, homeownership is a cornerstone to America’s Promise.

It is our mission to deliver the straight talk about buying and owning a home. We try to share with you the most update information that will help you make good decisions and keep you the loop. We are committed to providing individualized, state of the art professional services for those who are in the market to buy and sell a home. Finally, we are dedicated to ensuring that those we serve can enjoy and prosper from owning their home, long after they have secured the American Dream.

Since 2004, we have been your hosts on the Home and Finance Show on WTLC 1301. We realize this show is God’s gift as a ministry to us. Therefore, please know that you are going to give our best. We are grateful to all of you who have been listening to your show for over a decade. Notice we said your show instead of our show. This show has always been for you!

In addition to calling in your questions, we are now able to accept your questions on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Speaking of social media: Welcome to the NEW Home and Finance Website! www.HomeAndFinanceShow.com

With this site, we can expand the information that is shared every week on the show – enabling you to listen to our show when it is convenient for you and to follow up on additional information that maybe we can’t cover during a one hour time slot. Make this your FAVORITE website and stay up to date all of the newest scoop on the home buying market.

And of course, if you are in the market to refinance, buy, build or sell a home and you have not chosen a Realtor or Lender to represent you, we would certainly ask that you consider us.

Diana Rice-Wilkerson: http://www.loanswithdiana.com/

Janis Bradly: http://www.jbrealestateconsultants.com/

We are grateful for your support. We remain committed to provide you with a superior experience in the buying, selling and owning your home.

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Janis Bradley, Broker/Owner, JB Real Estate Consultants


Diana Rice-Wilkerson, Loan Originator, Fairway Mortage